About honey and the bees……

Both honey and the bees are much older than human records. It has been assumed that the bees have existed on Earth for around 50 million years, as opposed to human existence of only around 400,000 years. Hence, it is certain that humans have been feeding with honey since their very inception.

About honey...

Honey is by definition sweet, thick, viscous, liquid or crystallised product produced by honey bees (Apis mellifera) from the nectar of melliferous plants or the secretions from the live parts of plants or secretions of insects sucking on the live parts of plants collected by the bees which in turn add their own specific substances, separate water and put it away into honeycomb cells until maturity.

The basic types of honey can be distinguished according to its origin and the method of obtainment. According to its origin, honey can be floral honey or nectar honey, produced from the nectar from plants and forest honey or honeydew honey produced primarily from the secretions of insects living in the live parts of plants or from the secretions of live parts of plants.

According to the method of obtainment we distinguish honey in honeycomb, honey with honeycomb, extracted honey (obtained through the use of a centrifugal force inside extractors) and pressed honey (obtained through pressing of honeycomb without hatch – an ancient method of honey obtainment from traditional woven forms of beehives known as skeps, where the bees were mainly destroyed in order to obtain honey).

Nutritive and medicinal features of honey have been known since ancient times, as a method of payment and a subject of trade, a valuable prey from war invasions, an aphrodisiac and a secret ingredient of a vast array of recipes.

From the first beekeepers in ancient Egypt, through the Greeks who considered it Food for the Gods and the Romans who believed it was fundamental for health until the present time, it has always been worshiped as a symbol of immortality and fertility and incorporated in laws (in 1775 Queen Mary Therese enforced a patent on beekeeping) and people have always valued this precious gift of Nature.

Currently, more than ever, it is inconceivable to speak about health without mentioning nutrition. Bee products are a gift from God and the Nature and an irreplaceable source of health.

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