About honey and the bees...

The bees have a unique and complex communication system based on sight, movement and the sense of smell which is still not entirely comprehended by the scientists. The bees warn other members of the hive of the food and the conditions within their hive (such as nectar reserves) through complex waggle dance movements.

Domestic recipes with honey...

Honey is an ideal ingredient in culinary art as it can easily be combined with both sweet and salty dishes. It has been used in culinary art since the earliest times due to its high nutritional value. Honey is healthier and tastier than sugar and the desserts prepared with honey can remain fresh for considerably longer periods. It is often used also in salty dishes, used in salad dressings, marinades, in dipping sauce recipes for delicious ribs. A mixture of melted butter, honey and balsamic vinegar can be poured over baked vegetables prior to serving.

  1. Pepper cakes
  2. Plum pie with honey
  3. Honey pie
  4. Ribs with honey
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